4 Tips for your Facebook Live Sales

Facebook Live sales are all the rage now. There's an art and science to getting them right.

Your shoppers tune in to be entertained and to buy. So keeping the following tips in mind will help you meet both of these objectives.

Prep your inventory

Spontaneity is great. And you should expect to improvise. But have a rough plan for how many product you'll be showcasing during your live.

Lay out your products in the background. Have a product order in mind, while being prepared for your shoppers to ask you to see a certain product they see behind you and adjusting accordingly


Use overlays

An overlay can display the product photo, price, variant options, and tag at the top of your live video. If you use our Shopify app for live sales, you can use our overlays like the one above.

Our overlay queue gets everything ready and you can toggle through them with a click of a mouse. Or you can use a barcode scanner to scan items to update the overlay automatically.


Perfect your phone setup

Use a tripod to position your phone just below eye level. And film in vertical (portrait mode). More of your audience will be watching from their phones, and portrait mode is best for mobile viewing.

If you use our CommentSold Shopify app, the overlays are designed to be used in portrait mode:

You'll want to make sure incoming phone calls are disabled on your phone. One way to do that is to put your phone in airplane mode. But you'll want to make sure to enable your wifi if you do this.


Do a test run

You can set the privacy of your post to “Only Me” to practice going live and working out any kinks. You can make sure your audio and video are in sync and both coming through clearly.

If you're using our Shopify livestream app, you can also test the software. Our app works on any post. made by your FB page. So you can try it on a live, wall drop, text post, etc and have your folks comment with the right tag.